Kelsie Giebel
Registered Electrologist - Owner
  • BioKelsie joined Eau Claire Institute of Electrology the summer of 2022 and took over ownership of the business in August of 2022. Kelsie came in with a background in cosmetology but found a passion in electrology.


A Personal Message from Kelsie

Hello! My name is Kelsie Giebel and I am a licensed Electrologist and the new owner of Eau Claire Electrology. Welcome!

My journey with electrolysis began with getting work done on myself. I am a woman living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a chronic hormonal condition that affects about 10% of the female population. One of the effects of PCOS is hirsutism, or the growth of dark coarse hair in unwanted places; such as the upper lip, chin, and others. I, like many others with PCOS, tried many temporary hair removal methods before discovering electrolysis. I began seeing Erica Vanderloop at the Institute weekly for treatments and was quickly amazed and happy with the results I was seeing. Not only with physical results but changes within myself as well. With each treatment, I felt myself growing more and more confident. This led to a decision that would enrich my life further.

I had previously gone to cosmetology school but did not continue on that career path as it was not a deep enough passion for me to feel fulfilled. It turns out that this was for the best, because as I went through my treatments with Erica, I began to realize how much I would love to do this for other people. I just knew that seeing people become so confident in their own skin with my help would be something so rewarding and meaningful.

I began by going through the electrolysis program at the Eau Claire Institute of Electrology and was happy to discover how interesting I found the process as well. Not long after graduating, I ended up buying the business. It certainly made my life busier, but I am very proud to have been able to do that so the Institute could remain open and available to all those who need us.

Speaking of those who need us, I am also a mom of two fantastic girls, Everleigh and Magnolia, who I raise together with their father Brandon on a farm in Whitehall WI. Brandon and I married at Glacier National Park in 2016 and as our girls were born, I ran an in-home daycare. It was around the time our oldest was 4 that I began having my treatments and starting the program. As a family we really enjoy camping, traveling through the mountains, four wheeling and spending time on the lake in New Auburn. I am very grateful to my family for being so supportive as I took on a new career and then became a business owner as well.

I am truly excited to offer this care for any and all bodies, genders, sexualities, ethnicities and ages. Such a confidence boost can be truly life-changing, and seeing that grow in the clients I help is some of the most rewarding work I have ever done. I hope to continue offering this treatment as well as train new Electrologists to be as passionate and excited about the work as I.

I cannot wait to hear from you and meet you in person. Let’s start your journey to your most authentic and stunning self together.


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