Robert Vanderloop

Robert Vanderloop
General - BA, MA
  • BioRobert is an Elementary/Middle level principal and Director of Special Education for a school district, as well as an administrative consultant for Eau Claire Institute of Electrology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Theatre Education, graduating magna cum laude from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and a Master of Science in Administrative Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Robert has been in the field of education since 2003, the first three in the classroom and the time since with administrative duties. He has a firm background in technology and has utilized those skills within his professional responsibilities.
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  • Business Operations & Administration


A Personal Message from Robert

My role as an educational consultant has a few different focus points. As a current educator I am available to collaborate with my wife as she looks to provide the best program possible when training future electrologists. We have worked on best practice delivery methods for instruction. We have also worked on the professionalism that comes with this line of work. Our professionalism is what sets us apart from the rest, and we continue to stay invested in this field and implement our newly found knowledge where it matters most, with our valued clients!

Another focus area for me in the business is to support my wife and her co-workers. I run errands as needed, troubleshoot concerns, and, most importantly, help take care of our three amazing children when Erica has to work late to give you the best care when you need it.

Outside of this work I am a professional educator. I’m currently pursuing my doctoral degree through the University of Southern California (USC) in Administrative Leadership and Organizational Change. I share my love of fitness with my wife and have run over 12 marathons (including the Boston Marathon-twice). I train 12-months a year in this amazing Wisconsin weather! I have also owned a successful DJ and Officiant business for over 13 years.

As you can see I am dedicated and extremely driven. I set goals, and have high expectations to meet those goals. I am passionate about the work I choose to support. I believe in the work my wife does at the Eau Claire Institute of Electrology to help her clients gain confidence to accomplish their personal and professional goals!


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