Our Team

Bree Niebaum
Registered Electrologist - BFA, RE
Bree joined the team in 2021. In 2010 she received her Bachelor's degree in fine arts with an emphasis in stained glass from North Dakota State University.
Andrea Streifel
Registered Electrologist - MSE, RE
Andrea joined the team in 2019 as a recently licensed electrologist. Andrea is a registered nurse who received her BSN from the University of Eau Claire in 1997.
Erica Vanderloop
Registered Electrologist - Owner, MSE, RE
Erica has been the owner and director of the Eau Claire Institute of Electrology since 2016.
Joyce Munson
Licensed Electrology Instructor, Registered Electrologist, Registered Nurse - RE, RN
Joyce started the Eau Claire Institute of Electrology in 1994, and is still involved to this day.
Robert Vanderloop
General - BA, MA
Robert works in the office and administration side of the Eau Claire Institute.