Spray Tan and Airbrush Tan

Eau Claire’s safe tanning alternative

Get ready for special events with your personalized spray tan session. We will get you looking your best with a safe, effective spray tan that will last (on average) from 5-7 days.

A safe and effective airbrush tan

Spray tan, or airbrush tan is a safe and proven method of obtaining a tan. As with any personal product, sensitivity can occur but is rare. If an individual has ever had any adverse effects from self-tanning products or moisturizers, they might experience similar effects with spray tanning. The active ingredient DHA (or dihydroxiacetone) is derived from sugar beets and has been FDA approved for topical application and used for tanning creams since the 1960’s. When DHA comes in contact with the amino acids of the skin, it creates a natural chemical reaction that causes the skin to appear tanned.

Spray Tan is FAST!

Most full-body sessions last about 5 minutes, and the solution dries in seconds. Get tan in less time than it takes to order a cup of coffee! Not only that, compared to conventional tanning bed methods, a single spray tan session will give a result typical to 6-8 tanning sessions for a fraction of the time and cost.

Spray Tan is SAFE!

Used externally, it is a safe product approved by the FDA. Compared to the alternative of tanning booths, it is a very healthy method. Tanning beds can cause skin cancer, premature aging, cataracts, and immune system suppression.

Tanning can be performed every 1-2 days if desired.

Get your airbrush tan!

For more information about spray tan and how you can schedule your first session, call 715-832-1183 today!